one shot


5 GAL | 15 GAL | 55 GAL

Built Detergent

Economical free & clear detergent, formulated with silicated alkali, water softeners and optical brighteners. Removes heavy soil in hotel towels and restaurant linens without the need for separate alkali additives.

surfactant extra


5 GAL | 15 GAL | 55 GAL

Solvent Detergent

Ultra concentrated, free & clear neutral PH detergent formulated with solvents, water softeners, and optical brighteners. Specifically formulated for larger machines over 100 lbs. Offers extremely low in use cost. Eliminates heavy food service soils even in lower temperatures.



5 GAL | 15 GAL

Neutral Detergent

Highly concentrated, formulated with enzymes, water softeners and optical brighteners. Offers superior results and bright white towels, sheets and personals. Offers fresh & clean smelling laundry.

ultra blend


5 GAL | 15 GAL

Heavy Duty, Emulsion Detergent

Highly concentrated, formulated with silicated alkali, water softeners and optical brighteners. Unique emulsion technology offers superior results without the need for a alkali additive. Cleans towels, sheets, restaurant linens and healthcare personals.

oxy detergent


4/1 GAL | 5 GAL | 15 GAL

Detergent with Color Safe Bleach

Highly concentrated and economical all in one detergent, formulated with hydrogen peroxide and water softeners. Offers bright whites and darker colors. Ideal choice for smaller home style washers. April spring fragrance.

lx 100


50 LBS | 100 LBS | 400 LBS

Powdered Built Detergent

Highly concentrated, made up of 100% active material. Formulated with silicated alkali, low foaming surfactants and water softeners. Powers through extremely heavy soils like greasy linens and bar mops. Use as a pre-wash booster or as a pre-soak additive.



50 LBS | 100 LBS

Powdered Detergent with Oxygen Bleach

Highly concentrated, made up of 100% active material. All in one detergent formulated with stain fighting enzymes, oxygen bleach and water softeners. Ideal choice for shirt laundries, personals and delicate linens. Brings yellowed and grey whites back to life and leaves them bright as new. Clean cotton fragrance.

Alkali & Solvents

ultra alk


5 GAL | 15 GAL | 55 GAL

Alkali Break & Conditioner

Highly concentrated, formulated with silicated alkali and water softeners. Raises the PH in the wash cycle to aggressively break down heavy soils in restaurant linen, hotel towels etc. Works great in hard water conditions.

citrus solv


5 GAL | 15 GAL | 55 GAL

Solvent Additive & Pre-Soak

Formulated with natural citrus turpines and butyl solvents. Works wonders on hard to remove grease and oil stains. Dissolves organic and synthetic oils, make up and deodorizes in the wash bath. Bold citrus fragrance.


ultra chlor


5 GAL | 15 GAL | 55 GAL


Maximum strength, 15% sodium hypochlorite. Kill bacteria, deodorize, and whiten fabric. Works great on mildew, blood and other proteins. 

oxy brite


5 GAL | 15 GAL | 55 GAL

Color Safe Bleach

Maximum strength, 35% hydrogen peroxide. Safe on most fabric types. Whiten ivories and whites and darken colors. Make water based stains like coffee and wine disappear in seconds. Perfect bleaching solution in areas with high iron content. 

dry chlor 25


50 LBS | 100 LBS

Powdered Chlorine Bleach

Highly concentrated 25% chlorine bleach. Add to reclaim cycle to eliminate heavy set in stains. Eliminates heavy mildew & mold. Extended shelf life compared to liquid bleach. 

Sour & Softeners

sour brite


5 GAL | 15 GAL | 55 GAL

Neutralizer & Iron Reducer

Highly concentrated sour additive. Brings the PH down in the final rinse cycle. High quality acid solution. Combination of phosophoric acid and oxalic acid dissolves iron on contact, offering a white and bright final product.

nu soft


5 GAL | 15 GAL | 55 GAL

Premium Fabric Softener

Highly concentrated, premium fabric softener. Unique capsulized fragrance technology offers a time released fragrance that will last weeks. Low in use cost and low PH formulation helps neutralize fabric in the final rinse. Offers outstanding softness and anti-static properties.  April spring fragrance.

sani soft


5 GAL | 15 GAL | 55 GAL

Sanitizing Fabric Softener

Highly concentrated fabric softener and static reducer. Free & clear formulation with added quaternary to aid in killing bacteria and offering outstanding deodorizing properties without any added fragrance. 

Stain Removal



6/1 QT

Oil,Grease & Protein Remover

Multi purpose stain remover formulated with dual enzymes, citrus turpines and butyl solvent. Removes make up, ink, organic & synthetic oils and proteins such as urine, feces, vomit, eggs and grass. 

stain out


6/1 QT

Wine, Juice & Protein Remover

Highly active hydrogen peroxide formulation. Removes set in stains like wine, juice and soda. Also removes some proteins.  

rust remover


6/1 QT

Rust & Iron Remover

Highly active oxalic acid solution designed to dissolve rust and iron on contact.

reclaim plus


1.5 X 24 | 100 LBS

Makeup, Grease & Oil Remover

100% active powder packs, designed to bring out stained white & ivory fabric back to life. Used as a last resort for previously washed items. Save thousands of dollars in lost inventory. Formulated with active chlorine bleach, silicated alkali and non foaming surfactants. A must have in every commercial laundry. 

rust out


20 LBS

Rust & Iron Remover

Formulated of 99% oxalic acid. Highly active raw material dissolves set in rust and iron to bring back discarded linen and make them bright and white as ever. Save thousands of dollars in lost inventory. 

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